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Letter Recommending that Silver Creek Baptist Mission Be Constituted into a Church

First Baptist Church, Burnet – Mother Church

We recommend that the Silver Creek Baptist Mission be constituted into a Church upon the following conditions:

1. That the mission present in written form their beliefs and doctrines that are basic and distinctive to Southern Baptist policy and that this be approved unanimously by their mission.

A statement of purpose also must be adopted by their mission. Since the church covenant prepared by the Sunday School Board has been accepted as basic guidelines for church members, they need to only reaffirm this as workable and effective for their church.

2. That four men be recognized as active deacons. These men must meet the requirements of the deacons of the mother church and will be recommended by our deacon committee. No other deacons may be selected or chosen until after one year following the organization of the church. Any man can then become active after he has been a member for six months, has proved himself by action and purpose, and meets the requirements for deacon as set forth in scripture. After two years following organization into a church, this rule may be changed by the church.

3. That being constituted as a church follow the calling of a pastor acceptable to the mother church.

4. That if the Silver Creek Baptist Church ever ceases to be an active regular, participating Southern Baptist Church that all property and assets revert back to the ownership and control of First Baptist Church Burnet. (NOTE Pg 17 Paragraph 1)

5. That all debts and payments of bonds on the present structure by accepted totally by Silver Creek Baptist Church.

6. That this recommendation be passed by First Baptist Church of Burnet and Silver Creek Baptist Mission.